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Top PoS Coins Available for Staking + 10 Assets to Transact via the Wallet

CryptoStake is an all-in-one app that unifies profitable staking and secure crypto wallet experience. Easy to use, impossible to hack - manage your digital assets on the go via an intuitive interface with full confidence that your coins are unreachable for perpetrators.


Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies in One Click

With CryptoStake wallet, managing crypto becomes easier than ordering a takeaway. One tap or a quick QR code scan is all it takes to send or receive digital funds from anywhere around the world.


The best non-custodial staking

Stake top PoS cryptocurrencies with the best APY and receive rewards in native utility tokens only. We created a perfect staking setup that guarantees maximum uptime along with fair and timely rewards in crypto. CryptoStake also provides tax assistance on staked assets to keep our customers fully compliant with cryptocurrency regulation.



We built the CryptoStake app with user-friendliness in mind. Our goal was to make a complicated cryptocurrency staking as easy as a tap on a screen. You don’t need to understand how Ethereum staking is different from that of Polkadot. Just press “Stake” and see rewards accruing in the wallet over time while remaining in control of your coins at all times.


24/7 Support

Being a user-first service, we are always there to address any issues that you may encounter while using the app. Simply go to an in-app support chat and our attentive customer service will come to the aid immediately.


Privacy and safety is our number one priority

CryptoStake understands the value of privacy, therefore we don’t collect any personal information unless it’s required for the purpose of tax assistance. We take pride in the security of our staking application, a testament confirmed by renowned digital security auditors such as Hacken.