About us

If you were to ask us to describe our philosophy in one sentence, we'd say it's 'Making crypto staking safe and easy.' The intrinsic riskiness and complexity of the blockchain industry create barriers to the widespread adoption of solutions like staking that are built on this groundbreaking technology. CryptoStake is a barrier-breaker dedicated to making earning with PoS cryptocurrencies simple like pressing a button and secure like a Swiss bank.

Regulatory compliance is the foundation for the transparency and security of financial services like cryptocurrency staking. CryptoStake is licensed by the financial authorities of Switzerland, renowned for strict abidance of the law and cryptocurrency-friendly approach. We are headquartered in the town of Zug, a tax haven and home to many successful multinational companies. A Swiss license guarantees the legitimacy and transparency of all operations carried out by CryptoStake, ensuring full compliance with both the EU's and the global crypto regulatory framework. This is the first pillar of our digital security fortress.

The non-custodial approach constitutes the second pillar. CryptoStake was created upon the belief that we must never meddle with users' funds. Blockchain is about decentralization and letting people exercise full control over their digital money - we stand by this principle too. You always retain both the private and public keys for any crypto staked on featured PoS blockchains, without exceptions. Your keys, your crypto, your staking rewards.

Our flagship product is an embodiment of our desire to make cryptocurrency staking easy and accessible. We take pride in the proprietary crypto staking application with cutting-edge protocol at its core that opens the gateway to the best PoS blockchain ecosystems in one tap. The app also functions as a unified cryptocurrency wallet, compatible with other popular digital wallets to give users more options for holding or withdrawing rewards in crypto at their convenience.

At CryptoStake, we want to bridge the gap between the blockchain network and the staker while relieving the latter from the trouble of figuring out technical nuances like running the staking software uninterruptedly. We don't stand between you and the blockchain - not between you and your funds and rewards in crypto. With CryptoStake, you become a validator in one click, equipped with a unique validator ID number, traceable through our as well as third-party monitoring systems. No uptime issues thanks to node duplication across three independent data centers. You don't even have to know how crypto staking works. We take care of technicalities, you earn rewards in crypto - simple as that!

CryptoStake is fully equipped to serve stakers of all levels, including even the largest crypto whales. Our infrastructure can handle stakes equivalent to the GDP of a small country while maintaining the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance. And if a tax man comes knocking at your door, we will provide all necessary statements to verify the legitimacy of your earnings on crypto assets. Staking shouldn't be hard or risky - we are here to prove it. Join now and stake for a better financial future!


Andrii Shynkaruk
Co-Founder & CTO
Dmytro Haraburda
Lead of Staking Team
Taras Hryniuk
Lead of Wallet Team
Viktor Maslov
Senior FrontEnd