CryptoStake Isn’t on Google Play Yet: How to Get the Best Android App for Crypto Staking?

CryptoStake app for Android is available for download directly from the website 

To all cryptocurrency staking enthusiasts considering the CryptoStake mobile application as a platform for earning rewards on top PoS digital assets: while you can easily download our proprietary application from the Apple Store and start making passive income within minutes, the Android-compatible version of the app is temporarily unavailable on the Google Play, awaiting approval after the recent app update. 

It is widely known within the crypto community that Google has a biased stance towards crypto-related products, especially emerging ones. There have been numerous instances of Google cracking down on cryptocurrency platforms, banning even the most popular applications due to 'regulatory concerns.' We can assure you that our non-custodial staking application complies with Switzerland's regulatory framework on digital assets as well as the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA). 

Our security is impeccable, proven by Hacken's penetration test, where the CryptoStake app scored a perfect 10 out of 10. And while we seek nothing but to make crypto staking accessible and easy, we have to abide by the sometimes incomprehensible rules of tech giants in order to be allowed through the gateway to the global audience.  

Unfortunately, our product seems to have encountered tech red-taping, but our legal team is fighting tooth and nail to expedite the approval process. However, this setback does not mean you will miss out on the opportunity to earn interest on your crypto assets. The Android version of our application is readily accessible for download directly from our official website. 

Kindly follow the provided link to obtain the safe download file, adhere to the outlined instructions, and you can begin staking in no time. While setting up the CryptoStake app this way requires a bit more time and effort, the staking experience and the rewards in crypto are undoubtedly worth it. Download now and stake for a better future.


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16 january 2024